“The e-mail of the species is more deadly than the mail”

fry-iphone1I’m loving the idea that these days a gadget is not made or broken by consumer sales, that it all happens before that. It’s not the volume of advertising dollar that’s pumped into a promotion campaign, nor is it having the ear of high-profile geeks and fashion icons and reviewers, who’ll make a product cool before it’s even available. No, according to Rory Cellan-Jones, (one of a series of lovable BBC correspondents, up there with Evan Davies, Nick Robinson and Bill Turnbull), the make-or-break daddy of the UK gadget market is… Uncle Stephen?

Jeeves, as he may be known to you, our affable host on QI, the Most Knowledgeable Man Ever To Appear On University Challenge, and other such titles, Stephen Fry is one of those lovely, avuncular types who always knows what’s going on, in a pleasant kind of way. Like a reassuring toddy by a warm fire. Not only is he good friends with noted anti-modernist Prince Charles, he’s also the quite the technology buff, and according to Rory, has been for a while.

the second person in the UK to buy a Mac (after Douglas Adams)

He’s just slated the new BlackBerry phone to his 20,000 odd Twitter followers (20,000-odd followers? Or 20,000 followers who are odd?), and the trending has gone mad. Good old Uncle Stephen.


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  1. Hi Simone,

    i believe i know the answer prior to asking; do you podcast Mr. Fry?


    cheers and happy holidays.

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