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I don’t like you

Apparently the BBC has turned into Fox, and our politicians into their American counterpoints. Whilst preparing a cup of tea and some Aldi chocolate chip brioche yesterday, I overheard the television screaming into the ether, “Huge Unexploded Tax Bombshell!” In propaganda suitable only for the pages of the Mail, Alastair Darling was being carved into verbal mincemeat by his Conservative equivalent and was crumbling under the inevitable weight of popular opinion.


“The Chancellor has just announced the largest amount of borrowing ever undertaken by a British Government in the entire history of this country,” he said.

“To pay for it he has placed a huge unexploded tax bombshell timed to go off underneath the future economic recovery.”

(from the Independent)


But was this really the case? If you saw the news last night, how much of the debate did you actually hear? Fragmented soundbites – the likes of which politicians have been practising for years – dramatisation beyond reasonable poetic licence and the sort of drama queen antics, on both sides, that you’d expect from an Italian winger. The BBC seemed content to roll with the standing-up presenting coupled with their increasingly-prevalent themed graphics, quite aside from deeply overemphasising George Osbourne’s smug epithets.

I don’t know why I ever start talking about politics, especially on a blog where I can ramble on for as long as possible. I’m not even a political animal: but I see ignorance, pandering and backbiting and I don’t like. My political opinion boils down to, basically:


  • I don’t like George Osbourne – he’s smug and ignorant as well as crooked
  • I don’t like the Conservatives – they all look like Conservatives and do nothing positive at all
  • I don’t like anyone that panders to the general public: you’re the leaders, you should know what you’re doing better than the average spanner that whinges about politicians, so politicians should take their mandate and run with it
  • I like Charlie Kennedy! I miss him

2 Responses

  1. I fully agree with you!
    I watched the Commons debate. Osbourne had nothing but soundbites. Useless.
    Bring back Kennedy!

  2. And this morning: ANOTHER TAX BOMBSHELL

    (that was discussed and decided against and is therefore irrelevant but shush don’t tell anyone that)

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