Well I’ve been most remiss about blogging today because, you know what? Work got in the way. I haven’t had to say that for ages. It also means that, because I’ve spent the day fiddling with financial forecasts, tweaking Excel, and printing about Epping Forest’s worth of coloured paper, I don’t really have anything interesting to talk about.


via Justin TV Gossip

via Justin TV Gossip

So, I direct you to Will Howell‘s blogpendium of celebrity twitter users. Quite interesting, in a way. I’m now following Lynne Featherstone, the incredible MC Hammer, Robert ‘Kryten’ Llewellyn and Rory Cellan-Jones, as well as already being in touch with Stephen Fry (who’s just charming) and the inimitable John Cleese.


It’s fun to see what these folk are up to, or perhaps it’s not. The great potential of MC Hammer is really just a list of @ replies, but Robert Llewellyn’s looks bound to be lovely . Good old Twitter, even now Tumblr‘s my new girl I retain a fondness for you.


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