Dobar Dan. Govorite li engleski?




I have in front of me two Post-it notes with numbers one to seven in Croatian upon them.



  1. jedan
  2. dva
  3. tri
  4. cetiri
  5. pet
  6. sest
  7. sedan


Also zero, which is nula. Bear in mind, I can’t type most of the accents without downloading a character map, which I ain’t gonna be doing. 

I wonder what the best way of learning a language is? I’m trying subliminal – when they’re there, I’m occasionally looking at them (when I’m not ignoring them, presuming they’re work related), having copied them out from here. So now I’m learning numbers in Hrvatski, listening to Guns n’Roses new album.

I honestly never thought I’d see the day. Second only to Kevin Shields, Axl Rose reveals himself as the grandaddy of procrastination, but according to the counter, there’s a mere 2 days to go until release. You can listen to the whole thing on MySpace. I’m on the opening, title track at the moment: it’s no Welcome To The Jungle, I can tell you that.


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