Montana landscape, by Evelyn Cameron

Montana landscape, by Evelyn Cameron



I’m reading Jonathan Raban‘s Bad Land: An American Romance right now. Despite the ornate title, it’s a non-fiction work, a travelogue (from the days before travel blogs, almost before any blogs) of Raban’s excursions across the wilds of Montana. Much is made of the vast expansiveness of the empty space there, something I just can’t really imagine, and to which photographs rarely do justice. Living around here, you look up and see a dense, close, overhanging cloud, or you see looming buildings, all glass and steel, else you see Victorian embellishments and crenellations (see Chris Partidge’s Ornamental Passions for more). Look around and you see people, folk, men and women all around. There in Montana, there’s none of any of those. It must be disconcerting.

I can’t really picture a situation when I’ll be there for any reason, sadly, but until that day unexpectedly crops up, I’m relying on Evelyn Cameron’s photos. A pioneer homesteader from Furzedown, Cameron upped sticks and moved to the badlands and plains of Terry, MT with her eccentric husband Ewen, and documented her daily life with her 5×7 Graflex camera.

The pictures are all viewable and for sale from her (posthumous, presumably, unless I’ve missed something fairly epic) website, and it’s worth a trawl through to find some really great pictures (like this of three cowgirls). You can also find a few on Flickr, the above being a fine example – you really need to get a big screen and look at the full sized version though.

I wish I carried my camera everywhere with me sometimes. Last night I alighted at Wood Green and would have killed to have my camera (and a tripod preferably) to take a picture of the moon – it was forcing it’s way through brooding, grey clouds, resting on them and bearing its brightness down on them. Ah well. I shall learn. To make up for it, here’s photos of TV – these are brilliant (via themanwhofellasleep).


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