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yummy, by wiros

yummy, by wiros

I had a go at making Croatian food on Saturday. I will do this again. After our epic two-day whirlwind relaxation break in Rovinj (probably more details/full write-up soon – in the mean time, others’ experiences…) back in October, my interest has been kindled with this beautiful country, and its beautiful food. I like food, and Istria‘s a great place for it.


So, I returned avec  truffles. A little vial of truffle oil – the real thing, nothing synthesised here – and a little jar of preserved whole black truffles from Rovinj market (I’m pretty sure this was the stall, on clg20171’s flickr photostream). So what’s the verdict on this gastronomic celebrity food? It’s the thing to have, according to most sources.

It ain’t all that, is it? I didn’t get much of the flavour from the risotto recipe I followed (although it was delicious anyway). The truffle oil within, the shaved truffle on top, left me a bit meh. I didn’t like it when it was pointed out that the truffle I’d carefully peeled over the top of the risotto cost about £5, but such is the culinary sacrifice one has to make in order to have new experiences. I must be doing it wrong. The risotto remained delicious, happily.

Better still was the lovely zvaceta with gnocchi, upon which I’m refeasting now. An unctuous lamb sauce with red wine and minimal herbage, over some sticky and wonderful gnocchi; I’m sold (recipe here). I’ve been enjoying World Foodie Guide recently, esp. the postcards from Beijing, and I’m pretty certain she could find one of the many highly-rated Istrian restaurants to be included on her Top 20.


4 Responses

  1. […] the first: 20p per half-an-hour parking. This is almost approaching what I was paying in Croatia for bargain value, and – I think – unheard of elsewhere in the Smoke. It enabled us to take a […]

  2. Hello!

    Believe it or not, I’ve always wanted to visit Istria, having seen TV programmes about the fantastic food there. That is an amazing photo, is that a whole cow? I could eat some of that…

    Thanks for reading my Postcards!

    Helen Yuet Ling

  3. Did you mean ‘znam’ for the post title meaning, ‘i know’ in Croatian?

  4. I’m going to pretend like I knew that and was combining it with a lolcats-esque NOM.

    [Really I just liked the sound of it – a happy accident].

    Thanks for dropping by!

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