I was born, I grew up

I need to sell myself. I’m not that short of cash, don’t worry, I’m not selling my literal body (yet), but I do need to perform that most loathsome of self-promoting tasks, writing a personal statement.

I have literally no idea where to start this time. I’m applying to university, not a job – a job I could do, I’d just copy most of what I used to get my current one. But I’m applying for a course which I’m gagging to do, but don’t really have much experience in. How does one express that I have a significant interest in human geographies, cultural and economic issues affecting said humans, population movements, cityscapes, marxist politics and the like, when I’ve actually got nothing to back that up with.

I did Geography at GCSE – that was an actual factual decade ago. I did well, I got an A*. But it was a long time ago, and really, without having progressed to do it at A-level, I’m not really confident that’s going to stand me in much stead. I’ve ordered some impressive sounding books: maybe I’ll be able to bluff it…

Sure it’s different for mature students, and I’ve got one degree already which shows I’ll be able to cope… we’ll just have to see really. To be honest, it’s not the getting in part I’m worried about, I’m just drawing a complete and utter blank at the moment about what to write. This will soon be overcome, rest assured, and I’ll be on my way to Mile End, but until then… brain-wracking ahoy hoy. At least I’m not on my memoirs, just yet.


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