A mosaic of people, by tsevis

Barack Obama: A mosaic of people, by tsevis

It would be remiss of me not to mention, at least, the election, so woop! woop! I’m down with Obama. I’m unusually optimistic of this politician, having had a quick butchers at his resume, and while I’m sure McCain is a nice guy, and a war hero and all of this, it seems like Obama actually wants to make things better for as many people as possible. 


It’s almost become an irrelevance that he’s black – as the news said this morning, he ran a campaign on a “post-racial” basis, so he’s probably had the edge where Jesse Jackson, for instance, would have missed out. The BBC seemed fixated on his colour this morning – possibly a reflection in this country that there’s less of an ingrained resentment by the anglo-saxons of people of other colours, more of a bewildered curiosity. Ooh, hark at him, and so on. But really, his attitude, his charisma and his ethics seem tailor-made to kick off something really great in the world.

Browsing through Obama’s wiki is like waking up and finding Tony Benn has become PM. Started off with a church-based neighbourhood development initiative; editor of the Harvard Law Review; constitutional law lecturer; civil rights and neighbourhood economic development lawyer; it goes on. He’s a well-educated man (as opposed to McCain’s 894th out of 899 in the US Naval Academy) and has given as much as he can to the community around him – that makes him ideal to be president, in my book.

So I didn’t have the opportunity to vote, but I’m an honorary Obamaniac. Count me in y’all. Tweet!


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