I don’t want to go to Chelsea


Trying on chelseas by blakemayday984

Trying on chelseas by blakemayday984

I came to work in boots today. Not welly boots, a big fan though I am. But new chelsea boots. I’ve never had footwear this… large, before. Size 12 sharp-dressing mod boots. Therefore I have some black bootcut trousers to go with, and my sourest look – I must look well ‘ard. Except for my ill-chosen brown corduroy jacket, and my shiny round, maybe.


I find that I walk with longer strides in these shoes. It’s like I’m channelling someone else, which is quite interesting, and I find I feel the need for appropriate music. A Scottish indie band then? An odd choice, no doubt; but we’re not talking the cutesy mewling of Camera Obscura here, or the fey, literate twiddlings of Belle & Sebastian. Certainly, there’s comparisons – the boy girl interplay seems to be a big thing north of the border – but Sons & Daughters are an entirely different beast.

There’s a latent menace underpinning Adele Bethel’s vocals, her deceptively charming voice crooning the ever-so-slightly frightening lyrics, especially in the debut mini, Love The Cup. There’s something a bit violent, and it seemed to suit my mood for walking to the station in my pointy boots. Grr.

Happily, I found Love The Cup at a flea market in Tottenham for the approximate price of 75 pence.  

Sons & Daughters – Johnny Cash


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