Mmm, sticky jus

Free time is the best thing in the world. I can confidently say that I’d never get bored of it – I have a list of things to do as long as my arm, and I’m slashing swathes across it in freewheeling, almost epic fashion. it’s great. And it’s not like they’re all chores either – yesterday I was surrounded by baby neice and puppy overload, which hardly gets more exciting for a first-time uncle such as myself. 

Today was even better, mostly because the main focus was delicious foods. A lazy morning, but still managing to do a heap of ironing, then out on the 144 to my local 6th form college, where I was treated to a near-fine dining lunch courtesy of the BTEC Hospitality students, at the bistro. And it wa spectacularly good! I ate well:

  • watercress soup with smoked salmon – worked really well
  • pork medallions with a sticky, unctuous armagnac reduction, with carrots, roast spuds and prunes (score!)
  • lemon chantilly tarte
It was so good. I recommend you find your neartest college – that feast set us back £5.50 a head. NOM. Now i’m blogging to Tom Waits (as so regularly…), then in a mo I’m out to do my chaufeuring work, then to Aldi, then back to reheat a Caribbean feast. 
Also it’s sunny!

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