The weekend has been a charity shop themed one: as they often are. It’s really the funnest way of spending time that you can have with your clothes on. On Saturday, my good buddy and I went around as many as we could (thirteen – we think we can breach fifty in a day if pushed – it might be a future challenge…) in Loughton, Waltham Cross and Epping, cheaping it up Essex style. What it does mean is that I’ve got a new (another!) coffee machine; more books, DVDs, records, CDs to go with my framed maps and clothes at home. I has a happy! and to celebrate, Charity Shop Tourism and Used Adventures In Hi-Fi are both updated.

Today, on the other hand, I’m suffering the fallout of a busy morning modelling (yes really…) and a weekend with no voice – I’m not ill (I’m really not!) but I am getting tired from all the heavy-duty whispering, so I’m considering getting off a bit early and flopping out at home with a lemon and honey. See you tomorrow, then!


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