Creative Commons pic from mole-volios flickr photstream

Creative Commons pic from mole-volio's flickr photstream

Last night I had the opportunity to go to Rasa (We Love Local/Independent/Guardian/Square Meal reviews). I thought this was worth a mention. Rasa is no ordinary curry house, but rather an amazing world of vastness and deliciosity (yes those are two real words), and the best bargain in town (in my humble opinion. Consider the following. For twenty pounds we ate:



  • mixed poppadums (these are obscenely great and worth a visit on their own, esp. combined with…)
  • mixed chutneys (lemon (my favourite), fish, chicken, garlic, mixed veg and coriander)
  • fish soup (thick and coconutty)
  • potato balls
  • fried shrimp with dips
  • chicken curry
  • kingfish curry (excellently firm and juicy)
  • lentil curry
  • dry lamb (one of the best Indian dishes I’ve ever tasted)
  • lemon rice (I know certain individuals who would eat an entire meal of this…)
  • chapathis
  • parathas (so buttery…)
  • rice pudding
All for £20? Are you insane? I love the place and though I’m normally the sort to want to try out new and interesting places, I’ll come back here over and over again with no qualms, not even slightly.

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