I’m becoming a little obsessed with Wikipedia. Not only random article searches, not only heroic-level work avoidance, but even so far as to be editing and creating pages. It takes my geekness to a whole other level, but screw it: I like Wikipedia as a concept, I like it in practice, and I’m going to edit it, you see if I don’t.

Wikipedia’s rapidly becoming a reliable, useful resource. Try editing it, and see how quickly you get stamped down for your unsourced idiocy. It seems to work in terms of self-regulation, and it has a really good and accurate system of peer review – it’s literally reviewed by peers. You can find out whatever you wish about fantasy/scifi tv shows, or obscure Warcraft characters or whatever, but about all sorts of useful stuff as well. Not only this, but Wikis are establishing themselves as highly usable collaborative work templates, which is just brilliant.

So hurray for free stuff, wikinomics, together we change the world.


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