I <3 Metallica.

I really do. Last night saw the launch of the newly-rearranged Later with the web-footed Jools Holland. Some things rarely change: there’s still a bunch of tosh in there (I’m looking at you, VV Brown, Carla Bruni, Nicole Atkins) (all the girls. Step it up women!). But, with Kings of Leon‘s non-hairy hick’n’roll sounding more interesting than ever, and the mighty ‘tallica, the evening was saved.

I heart Metallica. Yes they’re the scourge of the cause for modernisation in the music industry, yes they’re a group of fifty year old punks sneering at the world and yes, they’ve been putting out mediocre pap for about 17 years. But The Day That Never Comes, from the band’s 10th album, Death Magnetic, is pretty great stuff, redolent of the technique and composition of …And Justice For All, or even earlier. It’s staccato power chords, it’s fluid scales, it’s scooped midrange, it’s melodramatic intro arpeggios. It’s a darn sight better than pretty much any of their new material released after the black album, and is definitely a return to form.

That said, if one tries to watch on Youtube, one receives the message, “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Warner Music Group.” So they’re up to their old tricks. I advise you to try watching the performance from the Beeb’s iPlayer, or better still try and steal it from somewhere.


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