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That’s my Aldi you’re blocking.


from cristi71000s photostream

from cristi71000's photostream

Much as it’s unlike me to tar an entire subsection of the populace with the same brush (ahem), I do have to wonder at a grouping that draws from disparate ends of the socio-economic scale, whose members would have little to do with each other but for one thing, or who manage to combine with a wildebeest-esque herd mentality to put the ire up everybody else.


I am of course referring to football fans, notably the sort which are dedicated enough to bother going to the games. I’d also include as a related lunatic fringe the stadium designers who chose to put large stadia in rapidly-developing urban areas to start with, and those who, given the opportunity for change, manage to keep them there. What’s the logic behind keeping a stadium the size of White Hart Lane in Tottenham, of all places? With its windswept, desolate High Road (at least up around the ground) and its bevy of chicken shops, there’s no reason at all for it to be an ideal location for the ideal location for the belligerent and insensible hordes. 

And yet, if I try to make my usual visit to Aldi of a Monday evening, with what am I faced except a barrage of bodies making their merry way up a thoroughfare in which they normally wouldn’t be seen dead. I’m certainly curious as to the percentage of Spurs fans who would come to Tottenham for any other reason than the football. Some are wolfing from a polystyrene box of kebab shop chips; some are suited and booted having met their dolly birds and come straight from work. Some are shaven-headed, some are uniformly hairy all over.

And every single one of them is in my way and doesn’t care. Joe or Jolene Average Spurs Fan cares not that I am trying to drive where you have parked exceedingly badly. He/she doesn’t care for the common courtesy (or common sense) that suggests that if a car is driving at you, you may need to move out of the way instead of continuing with your lemming instinct and throwing a thuggish glare. Neither is interested in following the regular rules of the road, or that driving to an area where parking is limited anyway, to queue alongside the 40,000 other fans, is not clever. None of them will care for the disruption to my routine. All I want to do is stock up on stack-em-high groceries and go home!


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  1. […] to find though, and considerably less annoying than picking your way around a football match in Tottenham. So, walk up HIghbury Park past the restful delights of fancy cafes, delis and butchers. […]

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