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The thing about working through an academic yearis the excessively cyclical nature of one’s job, and for my own position, particuarly so. So right now, I’m sitting at a desk, being paid a fairly reasonable wage (and possibly due to increase further), yet I’m doing the same work a temp would be paid peanuts to do, sticking paper in envelopes. There’s a pile of transcripts to be posted around about 3 feet high, with an even bigger pile of certificates to come, which will take up (at the very least) my entire September. It’s the exact same thing I did this time last year, and if all goes according to plan, will probably be what happens at this time next year. Soon this round of duties will be over, and what I did last year will once again come to the fore. I predict that very little will be different.

I look forward, therefore, to a time when I’m doing something I choose purposefully to do. A fair proportion of this blog is taken up at the moment with me being able to think of less and less interesting things to talk about, and therefore blethering more and more about work, what my job does and will consist of and what I hope to do when I quit. It’s boring for everyone except me, no-one (as my stats will show…) wants to read that. 

Maybe COUTTH needs a new angle, a bit more of a… well, a point. I have little time for new music these days, so my writing time is diminishing, I watch less films, I cook less even… Don’t get me wrong, these are (in many ways) very positive things, and I’m more than happy with my situation in life. But this blog hasn’t expanded into anything particular, so maybe I need to have a cup of tea and a sit down and a think about it.

Or, maybe, it will just remain something of a thought-repository, and my real writings will go here and here. We’ll see!


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