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I’ll look sweet, on the seat, of a bicycle made for me.

Annie Mole sums up the general mood quite nicely regarding BoJo’s tube fare rises, announced today. Dave Hill is the most on the ball, and sets the tone for the day’s discussion quite nicely: why should those who are avoiding using cars and therefore already paying their way on the expensive London transport system have to shell out more, with over-inflation rises, when Boris has 1) ditched the cheap Venezuelan oil 2) ditched the £25 charge for the most fossil-chomping cards 3) spent too much money on a nimby-pleasing consultation about a perfectly successful CC zone extension and 4) wasting money on a Routemaster redesign.

Ooh this is fun! I see why people love blogging so much! Seriously though, it makes me look forward to when I can get my bike. I’ve been exploring the Cycle Scheme I’m eligible for, and have a quote on a £600 bike (£600? What am I playing at?). I got a little carried away in Cycle Surgery, so at some point I’m going to go into Evans, a little more savvy, a little bit knowing more what I need, and I’ll see what I end up with. Either way, by the time my annual season ticket (take that Boris!) runs out, I’ll hopefully be biking to work every day anyway, and won’t need to support the system anymore. Hurray for me!

PS, I’m looking at this one, but in dark


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