Shiny chrome

Like it was brand new bathtaps, I’ve been playing with Google’s Chrome this morning, the browser to end all browsers, probably. I think I like it. It takes the best bits of Firefox, is clean and quick, is helpful for bookmarking, and is generally pleasant; and of course, completely open source, as with Firefox. That’s good, because for me Chrome’s only major downside is the lack of plug-ins: I’ve come to rely a bit on, a bit, and the best thing about Firefox was the nicely organisable plug-in for my bookmarks.

I have no doubt it’ll follow pretty swiftly, along with a bucket full of add-ons which will make Chrome that much more exciting than Mozilla, and the nice coordination with the existing Google apps is pleasing.

I really like the ethic at work behind Google, and similar (in my mind) organisations such as Mozilla, Wikipedia and the like. Far from Microsoft/any other big corporations attitude of shock and awe, grind down the opposition capitalism, these are organisations that seem dedicated to making good things that will help people for free. And Microsoft are being slowly knocked out of contention because of it – you can now get products as good as Office, Outlook, IE, etc. for completely free on the interweb, so why wouldn’t you?

I approve of it, it’s economically bold but seems to pay off, and it’s all pleasantly altruistic. Huzzah for Google.


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