What’s next, pussycat?

I’m blogging at work for the first time in pretty much ages. Summer School has ended, kaput. All very successful, despite everyone’s best efforts, and now I’m in for a relaxing 8 month blitz of menial, easy work with little to no attention paid to anything else I do. It’s pretty nice.

Although… now would be the time to look for something else, another job, if I wanted it. My vague hope that my departed boss could employ me in his new schemes have vanished into the ether, so I need something that’ll employ me for the year up until my degree starts, a little bit after this time next year. I could just stay here, of course, but I’m awaiting guidance on that one.

It’s actually quite pleasant to have a goal in mind, rather than just self-improvement along a linear, administration-based scale. Now I have something to save money towards; a timeframe for the next chunk of my life; a future where I’m doing something I might want to do, instead of just doing something that isn’t rubbish. There’s many uncertainties, of course there is, but life is happy. Many good things are static, and I’m very thankful for them.

Plus, any job/living arrangement/situation where at least once in a while I can have tea and cake overlooking the countryside is a Good Place to be in. My head: it has a happy.


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