Image from Guardian Science

Image from Guardian Science

I got a little carried away yesterday with the skellingtons at the Wellcome Collection. I’ve been meaning to go hear for a while now, and yesterday (day two of my blessed three day holiday) seemed the perfect opportunity. And what do you know, it was great. My companion is a biologist, so there was plenty to keep her amused: rickets, syphilis, osteoarthritis, skellington foetuses etc., and for me just as much.

As a result of the thought that, actually, my degree might just be possible, I’m becoming ever more interested in the social geography of London (even the physical geography, to an extent, although that’s not my main area of focus). Whether it’s pootling up and down the river Lea and assessing the extent to which the dumped matter there makes it an ecosystem to itself; or checking out how the layers of burial grounds work, and how each area has changed; or whether it’s exploring the social history of ones own beloved Noel Park; after years of not really knowing what my big interest was, I’ve discovered a niche for myself and I’m very happy with that.

So I heartily recommend the Skellingtons, whether you’re interested in the medical side, the historical, the social, even the economic side, it’s all there, with hair still attached. I’d also recommend the rest of the Wellcome as well: besides its exhibitions there’s also a great permanent museum and a fantastic Blackwells that I’m certain to be visiting again and the best of all: massive big cakes in the cafe.

Excellent! Today: off to scope out the Amazing Maize Maze (or again, more likely the farm shop and tea room, then onward, for a day of hardcore monging out.


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