I am at least as unmotivated to work as I have ever been, today. 6 weeks with no time off, extra hours, about a month of overtime squashed into there.. I’ve had enough. I only have a week left, and I’m very glad, then woot! Three days of unadulterated joy. Until then though, if you have a question regarding your exam results, location of course packs or a problem with your grade: fear me. Or at least expect some sort of lecturer’s head next to you when you wake up.

Thoughts are realigning again to this time next year. Whether I’m in my current job still, or doing something similar, I’ll be gearing up to start university (hopefully!) in September. It’s very exciting! Having heard Doreen Massey speak on London recently, I’m all geared up again and am really looking forward to working my head a bit harder than of late. Because although administrative tasks keep me from dragging my knuckles along the ground, they ain’t making me no Einstein.

So, if Russia hasn’t blown up the world by this time next year, see you at the SU.


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