Old school rock and roll

Sometimes one needs to listen to some metal. One just does. I haven’t listened to Metallica in an age, yet I know every single note and can air-guitar the solos frighteningly accurately. Before they became the enemy of progessive-minded internet users (i.e. anyone younger than themselves), Metallica were great. It’s metal certainly, full of the pomp and pretension that you would hope for but there’s a kind of youthful fire in everything they did pre-1991. Before …And Justice For All they were this skate-punk, spotty group of teenagers who flailed at their guitars like any adolescent metal band, but so much better. There was desperation and urgency in Hetfield’s voice, if you would believe it. On …And Justice, then even more so on the Black Album the sound matured and peaked, the songs were more serious, more understanding of their commercial market but still gloriously superior to every other metal band.

Thanks to my new best friend, Skreemr, I’m revisiting my guitar lessons and late teens to thrash out a bit. So why haven’t I downloaded anything after 1991? Well it’s all just pants. This is what fame can do to a great band, more than that, a band who resolutely refused to give in to commercialism even to the point that Master of Puppets sold multi-platinum times over without a single released from it, and that their first video was a shocking, artistic black-and-white movie for One. Yet after the success of the black album, the accompanying world tours and (not really surprisingly) the wait of several years for the next album, Metallica continue to slide into irrelevance. Where the likes of Nick Cave, REM, even U2 remain bang up to date and relevant in many respects, Metallica are derided for their part in the Napster debacle and have a reputation of money-grabbing misery pervading them like a week-old fish tucked into the album sleeve.

My self-imposed mp3-posting rules, and my general attitude to downloading free music is such that I’m always keen to credit the artist and link to a source to buy when I post, and to download in limited quantities (also I can’t be bothered to work out bittorrent). yet with Metallica, I have no such qualms. They polarise opinion in such a way that it helps clariyf my own, which is that record sales are a distinctly poor way to pay artists, at least under the current procedures, and don’t reflect anything but major label canniness. Thus, the progressive thing to do, the way forward is to be free, to be generous in the way that, for example Kristin Hersh does with Cash Music.

So, no links to buying from Amazon here: try and download as much as you can from Skreemr (http://skreemr.com/results.jsp?q=metallica&search=SkreemR+Search) or wherever you can, Kazaa, Bittorrent, however you like to play things; or take these ones.The go and find me some Megadeth, and report back.

Metallica – Fade To Black
Metallica – Escape
Metallica – Nothing Else Matters


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