I went to a record shop today. A bewildering experience as usual – my internet- and indie-savvy self instinctively bears away from HMV and the like. But I was looking for a particular album that I possibly wouldn’t find in Sister Ray. I found myself in Zavvi at Piccadilly circus – showing my age, it’s a shop I haven’t been in since it was Tower records. I actually quite enjoyed it. They had taken the risk of playing Weezer over the stereo playing a game of chance putting at risk of alienation both the serious muso and the teenybopper markets. But it was fine, and they had some decent end-of-rack promotions, which doesn’t hurt in my book.

Anyway, I left with not only my intended item, but also Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska. Having arrived home (eventually – I won’t ever get used to working until half eight), I find I actually have the album on 12″, but what the hey, that just makes me cool.

I listened to it, along with Sofa (along with Fridge and The Books, I’m working on a complete downstairs) and Tom Waits’ Closing Time (I like this! Why don’t I buy more Tom Waits albums?). And it is good. Very good, actually: think Neil Young,, all sorts of bleakness and desolation. An excellent choice for the latest in the Music To Moodle By series, then, the VLE being a distinctive harbinger of bleakness and desolation. Also curious MSWord formatting quirks.

So maybe I’ll have to explore more Boss: as I type, I’m listening to Born To Run, and it’s exciting and fun, despite being pretty much ancient. I’ll happily take recommendations, and will definitely be on a charity shop-based look out from now on. Have a listen yo’self.

Bruce Springsteen – Nebraska (from Nebraska)


5 Responses

  1. Love Nebraska and Born to Run. Listen to the Live one that came out in 86 as well as The Wild The Innocent.

  2. I have added you to twitter as anyone who just refers to Springsteen by his first name and expects people will know what he is talking about is my kind of person!

    Oh and you read, added bonus.

    You have mad it hard with Bruce because you have gone straight for the best bits, in my opinion. (love Johnnny99)

    Ashbury Park NJ is worth a listen if only for Growing Up. The River is also a winner you will have heard the title song but I like the super soppy Fade Away.

    I searched writing in wordpress to get here by the way.

  3. I do read, it’s true. I also right and do arithmetic, if necessary. Hi!

  4. I never do arithmetic if I can avoid it.

  5. […] 9, 2009 by ohsimone I’ve chatted about my recent infatuation with the Boss once or twice before. But it’s not stopping – Spotify is aiding me in my discovery of his back catalogue and […]

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