Loneliness of the long-distance blogger

My usual counterfoil, and as I understand it, the sole regular reader of this blog, is away, far away. Unlike, say, a national newspaper, no-one stands in and therefore my evening is spent alone, tonight. This roughly means I’m significantly less organised than usual, and less concerned with my various pacts. This counterfoil may be a flatmate, but is also the arbiter and ombudsman of correct living – a kind of Gok Wan for everyday life. So while I managed to go to Aldi (on my own!) (I forgot to bring bags 😦 ), I ate really late, i didn’t eat salad, I haven’t prepared my lunch for tomorrow, I haven’t had the usual evening round of reading and debate, instead watching repeats of Mock The Week.

So I miss people, and am curious how all the elements of my ordinary life change when something else changes. It could be that someone else is away, or I’m away, or that I have to work different hours, or whatever, no man is an island, and I see the truth in those words.

Come back soon though, I like my routines.


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