In keeping with the recent post-lite few weeks, this is only very brief. I genuinely don’t have the time to blog, a malaise of very few actual bloggers, one imagines. But it’s true: my days are full of work, I don’t have time to take lunch, I work a bit late, I’m tired when I get in, I have other things to do and bang, no blog. But it doesn’t mean things don’t go on still…

  • I’ve just started reading the pleasingly dense The Glass Bead Game by Herman Hesse. My headphones being broken, a repeat of my first encounter with this Churman seems unlikely, but again it seems an interesting and thought-provoking read and I look forward to it. This on completing the tour de force that is Cryptonomicon, from which I’m still reeling.
  • Work still stressful, including specifically not being blamed for an unspecified error – we’ll see how that pans out, but I’m still eminently happy with not having gone for the job before.
  • I got an Olde Wood Green book! Thanks!
  • Most importantly, I’m contemplating big deals all to do with the news, the local area and so on. You’ll have heard of Thursday last’s spate of stabbings in London. These are becoming as old hat as news of bombs in Baghdad, or man down in Helmand. But in a rare turn, I knew the man who was stabbed in Tottenham. Not well at all, but I knew him by name, he knew me, we would have talked in the street – in Aldi even. So I’m extremely saddened by Gennar Jaronis’ death, seemingly in a fight in the squat he called home. I’m saddened that he had to live in such conditions, and that in the time i knew him I saw him turn from optimistic, hard-working man, to alcoholic. i want to do something, for the likes of Gennar, his friends, those like him, and also those who the news marginalises as statistics – the assumed perpetrators of these crimes, the yoot of today. What can I do? I have ideas, and I have to see what I can do, but there must be something. Anything would be good. Further news as events warrant.

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