Forget about your house of cards

It turns out that avoiding wasting time on the internet is easier when you have about half as much time as you need to do the volume of work you need to. I’m sure this is some sort of fairly basic management principle, although, if you did employ the actual right amount of people to do the job, facebook and a hefty proportion of blogs would go out of business asap.

My updates are pretty sporadic here because work is taking over not only work time, but outside time as well, and so inessentials like the internet are first against the wall, sadly. Just as I was getting into it as well (yes, thank you tre, your input, I acknowledge it).

That said, I don’t really mind – I like blogging, and since pretty much no-one reads this, it’s a good place to jot down thoughts and remind me of things – but I’m at work to work, funnily enough, and if my day is filled completely with work, then so be it. Evenings (although those are becoming precious few, especially in the next couple of weeks) are good for this, and along with my web 2.0 mentor, I’m exploring the usefulness of and StumbleUpon – the latter is looking good stuff, i’ve already found (and been cleverly forwarded) a bunch of cool stuff. Lots of maps, and goodness knows, I love maps.

So, I’ll try and keep up this blogging lark: today I’ve been mostly working on the usual self-improvement: weekly resolutions and the like, they’re starting to add up, and I like it. It’s making me a bit… well, better, I guess.


One Response

  1. Yeah! Well you better!

    I mean, thank you, it’s taking a while to adjust.

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