From this day forth

Office SpaceRecently, as part of my drive to become a Better Person, I have been making a number of resolutions, promises to myself, and the like. Some of these go well, some less so, but my latest, which I have been trying out all morning, seems like the hardest.

You’d think it was simple: not use the internet while working. Aside from a quick Twitter-shaped blip, the only web access this morning has been to email a few times, and only to one person. I’ve got plenty of work done, I’ve had to be a bit more disciplined rather than the “one work email, one personal email, one webcomic” cycle.

So no actual, baby on ceiling type withdrawal symptoms, but it’s pretty hard going. Which is an awful indictment of my approach up until now. If I were to break down the number of hours spent doing work as opposed to faffing about, I’d probably be pretty embarassed. I don’t suppose there’s some sort of monitoring programme out there to tell me? (Actually, there probably is – reading Cryptonomicon is making me paranoid).

So: onward and upward – soon I’ll be the T2000 of office staff, and I absolutely, definitely will not stop until all the emails are done.


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