I’ve become everything I hate

I’m here alone, at work. I’m in the office and my last colleague has just left. I’m staying out of choice, to do something that has to be done, in order to tick something off my Remember The Milk list. I am officially sucked into the working life, the office sphere, the world of homogeneity and bland, comfortable ease. But not for long! I’m setting my sights on a better world, academia, non-office, beautiful thing.

I’ve been working in civvies today, rather than the smarth (ish) clothes I’m used to working in. I think I’ve been much more productive, which surprised me. Admittedly, the fact that I’ve moved office and my boss can now see my screen directly no doubt adds to the lack of Internet-based timewasting, but I’m sure I’m onto something with the clothes.

I’m not a scruffy oik, I’m really not. But wearing smart clothes at work feels a little like pretending I’m some sort of serious, dedicated worker, and really, I’ll work hard and I do my job blooming well, but I’m not in it for life, I’m here for the money. So I like to be in jeans and T-shirt, I feel that much more like me, less pressurised into working, and thus working better.

Cod psychology, I has it.


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