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Good ol’ N17.

I’ve been at the Tottenham Carnival all afternoon – as always tons of fun. There was a significant proportion of Young Conservatives over where I spent most of my day (no that wasn’t the food secion, you at the back), which was weird – I can’t imagine these people living in North London’s hood, but maybe I’m wrong. I don’t imagine that Conservatives have much of a foothold in N17: the Guardian backs me up, and, satisfyingly, the whole of Haringey is either LibDem or Labour-councilled; Tottenham’s 100% Labour. But bless ’em for trying, the wellie-booted neckbeards

Aside from this, many delicious chicken/rice/peas/plantain/dumpling/coconut were had, and one less than delicious ginip. It wasn’t bad y’know, but I wasn’t a fan. At risk of being one of those annoying community-minded types, it was fun! I enjoyed particularly nationality-spotting. Being on a children’s stall, I saw mostly Turkish, West Indian and African children, but there was plenty more there – I’m a little bit proud of living in a place like this, where really, no-one even thinks to bother with racial disharmony. Good old Tottenham.


4 Responses

  1. Thank you for the name check. Firstly, all our volunteers live in Tottenham. This is in stark contrast to people who were on the Lib Dem stall – many of whom were Hornsey imports.

    As for, “.. don’t imagine that Conservatives have much of a foothold in N17..”, I think you will find that we’re in a solid second position in ALL N17 wards, with the Lib Dems trailing a very poor third. Indeed, across Tottenham, Conservatives were second in all three votes in the London elections. For the List vote, the Libs were actually fourth behind the Greens!

    You can see from our website, http://www.tottenhamconservatives.com, that we are a local campaigning party. David Schmitz’ website, websitehttp://davidschmitz.org.uk/index.html, is blank.

    We are glad you enjoyed the Tottenham Carnival – perhaps you could start one up in Wood Green?

  2. Totally a way to win me over, slag off the opposition.

  3. I am not trying to win you over – you’re never going to vote Conservative in a month of Sundays! Just how am I slagging off the opposition (by which you mean the Lib Dems)? Am I distorting the election results? Am I doing so by highlighting that their website is void of any information and news? Do tell.

  4. It doesn’t take a distortion of anything to insult someone – any and every politician would be improved by leaving out criticising the other parties and concentrating on something more positive. Same principle as in any part of life – if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything.

    I have no particular grievance with the Conservatives, other than disagreeing on a political standpoint, and I’ve no particular affiliation with any one party, candidate or anything. The Lib Dems are just as bad around here – their literature is always particularly negative.

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