Well gosh, very little time here to post! Work sets in, lots of course materials to faff about with, a ton of online VLE stuff hanging over our heads, and a bunch of crazy enquiries, like all the time. Work too hard for blogging!

It doesn’t distract me quite enough to prevent me from dipping that all-important wrist into Web 2.0 and creating a Flickr group. A small step, you might cry, and rightly so, but for me it’s a step into a geek zone that I’ve not quite crossed before. I blame Neal Stephenson, and certain others. Forums (forae?) are one thing, and I think I’ve had quite enough of them, and even Facebook is a little bit lowest-common-denominator, but the world at large, cyberspace, the Intarweb, this is all starting to take off in my head. The net has become something indispensable and integral to most peoples’ lives, and as such is rapidly losing stigma. There’s a multitude of tools on it that make the most of free-conomics: Wikipedia, flickr, google of course, but so many more. You want teaching tools? You got ’em. You want images? Got ’em. And so on.

I like it, I like where it’s headed and that the internet is moving away from its seamy, bodge-it-together beginnings to something fluid and useful and fun. Better than the telly, anyway.

You can find my flickr group here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/woodgreen/. As the URL suggests, it’s London’s best Wood Green-themed, so do contribute, if you can.


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