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Style gurus

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I don’t understand fashion. Why is it that people have to have different clothes each year? Why does something from last year look funny now? I get affected by it even, although I’ve no idea how – jeans tucked into boots does look a little funny, although it was accepted practice not that long ago.

I mention this because summer has hit London, and out come the party frocks, and they’re all this kind of 50’s styled, flouncy Kate Nash-looking business. Here’s the dilemma: is this fashionable? I’ve seen these around for ages, so is this still hip or are all the people I’m seeing behind the times? I wonder if there’s a specific age when one turns into a dad, even without children. I don’t know. Having assessed my own appearance, I’m a leather jacket and an unseasonal hat away from Indiana Jones, so I’m approximately 70 years behind the times. Nice.

More of what I mean at Annie Mole‘s excellent LU Fashion Victims set, from whence came today’s fashion icon.


4 Responses

  1. Fashion is a game and people love games.I think nobody could realy understand this game… 😉

  2. Ok, boyz in town meets fashion kids.

  3. Spotted in Wood Green! Oh Simone sporting a red hot socks-and-sandals look! End Fashion Scoop

  4. My secret shame!

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