The world is at your command

Stanfords'If I ever need cheering up, then I go to Stanfords‘. This is the place where my dreams are formed, which might sound a little melodramatic, but it’s not far from the truth. There’s nowhere else that I know where you can go into the shop and stand on your street. Or your friend’s. Or another part of London, or the world, the Mariana, or so on, for the maps are not only at your fingertips but under your feet. The world is truly your lobster. And in perusing the incredibly well-stocked shelves one can be whisked to another world, or at least another country.

Having received the news that my government funding for the degree is likely to be the less exciting side of nothing, I’m bracing myself for the idea of another year doing something dull. But! This does mean that I can go on holiday in the autumn (at least one!), so the fun now is narrowing down the list.

1) St Petersburg – maybe in the future: visas look like a lot of work.

2) Berlin – a definite contender. I want to see the Stasi Museum, Potsdamerplatz etc., although I think this might be better for a longer trip than I have money for this year…

3) Tallinn – this has been on my list for a while. I like the idea of the soviet and the medieval next to each other, like in Prague, but I’ve heard great things about this place so I’m definitely up for a visit.

4) Budapest – the current frontrunner? Another I’ve heard great things about and it has lots of things going for it: flea markets, castles, a ‘House of Terror’, Turkish baths. It looks pretty great.

5) Krakow – another strong contender, a chance to use the Polish language I never learnt.

6) Bratislava – this one looks beautiful, just like Prague. Castles, cobbles, etc., I would be happy with this one.

7) Dubrovnik – the final choice (for now). Yet another UNESCO world heritage site, this one has the advantage of also being next to the sea.

This is not easy. Wikitravel is helping: go Web 2.0 up some Web 2.0 and improve it.


4 Responses

  1. well Prague is wonderful ,but best at Crimbotime.
    Budapest is nice but not as good as Prague.
    Dubrovnik is terrific as you say because it has the sea bonus and lots of little islands floating around it.
    I would do Berlin (not been there yet) but not if it’s busy flooding …

  2. Cheers – I’m liking the look of Dubrovnik more and more.

  3. […] I’m attempting to book a holiday: or at least decide where to go (as previously discussed). My conclusion: I am the least decisive person in the world. I annoy myself quite a lot with that. […]

  4. […] so this list might be a good place to start. I like Time Out’s travel guides – though I often find myself in Stanfords, perusing the selections of travel books, I’ll invariably come away […]

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