Cattle train

HolbornI got off the tube this morning feeling tenderised like some sort of abused steak. I have absolutely no clue why some mornings the Underground is offensively crowded, and other mornings, there’s nobody around. I imagine it’s some sort of function of:

  • the time I get to the station
  • the gaps in the service
  • the weather
  • predicted events in London
  • unpredicted hold-ups

I’m also considering the possibility that the level of overcrowding on the tube is directly related, and possibly caused by my eagerness to get to work. Hence, this morning, pounding the avenues in the rain I really would rather be home in bed, not shuffling deathward via the medium of tedium. And there you go, the platform’s not crowded but the tube is comfortably full even at Turnpike Lane – by the time I get to Finsbury Park, my face is squashed onto the plexiglass and someone’s sliding something into the roughly spaniel-sized space between my feet and the carriage.

Even at Holborn, where the traditional sullen, ashen-faced commuters disembark to the unseen chaos of Kingsway, an escalator was out and I found my faced knocked from all angles. I’m tall! I don’t understand.

I’m potentially being over-dramatic here. I read this morning about controlling one’s anger, so I’m controlling it and just scowling at the computer.


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  1. Try Bank station for compression !

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