Is that what you call a dalliance?

I’m currently loving me some Wedding Present. I feel like there’s a column coming on here, the purchase of Seamonsters edging out this slightly more esoteric, almost outsider art of Half Japanese‘s noodly twangings. But more on that later, no doubt. In the meantime, blogging – unusually from home, I present the excellent opening track from Seamonsters.

The Wedding Present – Dalliance

At risk of being a standard blogger, my life is all about the yucky business end at the moment. Too much work, too much shoulderly tension, too little time or energy to spend with the people with whom I wish to spend time.

What’s keeping me going is the forward look at a hoped-for future (at least, foreseeable future: in the grander scope, the world is not my home, I’m just a-passing through, but that’s a bit lofty for a Wedding Present post). I’m currently working out a feasibility study on a career change. That is to say, to start a career, as I don’t really consider an accidental slip into HE administration a career. I want to do a second degree, most likely this one, and I need to work out whether I can clear my hefty overdraft in a year, whether I can get any sort of government funding/grants/moneys, whether I can work from home during the course or something (maybe I could answer questions for 118 118), etc. I’d love love love to get on with this, and although it doesn’t look likely until September 2009, I think I have a goal now. Weird.

So maybe COUTTH will become a documented experiment in living frugally. Steps taken so far:

  • Shopping at Aldi
  • Cutting out takeaways
  • Packed lunch
  • Not eating snacks (not going well)

I’m looking at downgrading my beloved motor, but don’t want to face up to the fact that I might have to ditch it altogether.



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