Trees 4 Life, bro

Diamondgeezer has done a pretty nice job of taking a hatchet to Mayor BoJo’s latest blustering. I make myself laugh with my vaguely tree-related pun. A lot of people have come out with support for this nice-sounding policy, but I have to agree with DG, it looks like a whole lot of spin to me.

The idea is that the Mayor’s office is initiating a tree-planting scheme in 40 parts of London, planting about 10,000 trees with the proceeds of ditching Ken’s admittedly useless The Londoner. But it’s actually only a third of this money that’s going on a scheme which is planting, according to diamondgeezer, one tree per year, for every three thousand residents. So, in Boris’ first term, in my name I’ll be receiving 1/750th of a tree. Not great, really.

In recent months Haringey, the notoriously belligerent and ever-so-slightly barking Haringey council has been regenerating Tottenham High Road. Alongside the usual trick of putting in new, fancier lampposts, there’s also been… ooh, a pile of trees planted. Where they’re actual needed and helpful to the local environment. The Mayor’s scheme is hardly revolutionary then, or even slightly new. It’s all a bit meh, these policies so far. Oyster cards on trains? Isn’t that what Ken has been negotiating for the last eight years, and had just scheduled in? No booze on public transport? Isn’t that a little unnecessary, when the people who cause problems are the ones already drunk? I don’t know.

I don’t want this to turn into a political blog. I really don’t. But between Gordon Brown’s Sad-Sack act, Democratic infighting in the States, and Boris’ all mouth no trousers rip-off policies, it’s all a bit depressing.

Here, go listen to something good instead. I recommend Four Tet’s newest selection of minimalist techno, Ringer. Is good.

Picture from Beaux Bo D’Or


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