I’m a columnist.

Ones first column is now available at the esteemed No Ripcord. I’m biased, obviously, but since the revamp it’s a really good-looking site and if I can pull my finger out and get some reviews on the go, then maybe we can make it a real contender. It’s already less ridiculous than Pitchfork, more cosmopolitan than DiS, and is back on metacritic – if you look closely, you’ll see I am classified in a “carefully-screened group of the most respected critics.” Oh yes I am.

I’ve been doing this writing business for about 5 years now. I started doing it because I didn’t know how best to keep my hand in after university, and although I get lazy now and then, I’ve not stopped. I like seeing myself on Metacritic, it makes me look legitimate and everything.

I even get a column. I like this. I like that I have a column and not a blog there. Look at me! I’m a journalist! Etc. I need to get myself a smug headshot to put next to it, then next think you’ll know I’ll be writing for the Guardian.


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