I Call Upon The Author To Explain…

Tonight I’m going to see Nick Cave. I’m looking forward to it: I haven’t been to a gig in ooh, an age, and it’s in Hammersmith Apollo, which is meant to be a nice venue. I’m not half getting old these days though. There’s a large part of me which would be happy to stay home, and I’m wondering if this review, by the always reliable Coxon, of an angry-sounding Cave is representative of the whole tour.

We’ll see.

I’m currently reassessing my options in the light of the cancellation of my Polish classes. Because while I was sad for that, for a while, maybe it’s a sign I should be looking a little larger scale in my endeavours. I was told, by my careers advisor-cum-flatmate, that I should do a second degree, in Geography. Interesting, I thought. So I’m researching my options, and no doubt (as I’m sure you avid readers of this blog will be hanging on my every word) I’ll get back to you.

I blame this wonderful book.


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