I Wanna Be Elected

Fellow spectacle-wearer Sian 'I don't know how to make the accent appear above her name' Berry

Today is London election day! It’s all pretty exciting. It’s no general election – there’s no Peter Snow staying up all night with a swingometer, no hyper-caffeinated, immediately-post-birth Fiona Bruce popping her eyeballs out, no swinging chads. But it’s an interesting opportunity to view how the politics are swinging in the country as a whole.

Or is it? I’ve been thinking along those lines generally, but actually it’s probably not the case. London is to the rest of the country like New York is to small-town America. If you go into the country you’ll see it’s a quite different demographic to here – no 15% strong ethnic minorities, that’s for sure. And though British politics is certainly heading down the US-style presidential celebrity route (also fascinating), London takes that to the next level. So there’s bating, there’s debates, there’s PR set-ups, all to convince a savvy populace that each candidate is not a complete joke.

Which is why the sane voter will not be voting for Boris Johnson, and the eventual result will document just how insane London is. The sane voter will be the one that sits down and evaluates which of the candidates best suit his or her opinions and will vote first choice for them. He/she will then choose between Boris and Ken in the second choice vote (Ken, obviously, and only if he wasn’t first choice).

For instance, I’ll be voting for the lovely Sian Berry as my first choice. Her positions best suit mine, and it’s a good opportunity to give a boost to a party traditionally a long way in fourth, but that have a lot to say. Sian seems to be a viable mayor, whereas your scary nutjobs don’t expect a thing.

However, I’m a sensible fellow, and I realise that the chances are extremely high that the race is going to be between your man Ken and your man Boris. So I use my second choice vote for Ken, which will only come into play if someone is not elected with 50% or more of the first choice vote. Second choice votes are then added to those of the first choice, and we have our elected man.

You see? Not difficult at all. Good luck Sian, good luck Red Ken.


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