A Delightful Day

Saturday was the birthday of Simone. Huzzah! I arrived in the world 26 years and two days since, and I am now a year nearer 50 than from being born. I am old, creaky and quite definitely balding.

This year’s celebrations (how my birthday became such a deal I’ll never know) were bigger and bolder than ever. Firstly, the much-vaunted Paris trip, with its many varied gourmet delights, was just out of this world. More recently though, the Delightful Day was spent in pretty much everything ideal.

Starting in Marmalade (with the most wonderful tarte tatin you are ever likely to have), the day continued with lunch in Muswell Hill’s semi-legendary Crocodile Antiques, followed by a pile round a couple of charity shops (emerging with Paul Theroux’s My Other Life) then on to Highgate to blitz the cemetery. We did the west side (previously I’ve only been to the Marx/Adams/etc. East), to see Litvinenko, Faraday and some other cool stuff. Not to mention the awesome, megalithic vaults and the Circle of Lebanon. Photos to follow on flickr, no doubt.

After a swift caffeine in Highgate, back home and then to La Kera for a mighty Keralan feast. A very fine restaurant indeed, with a nice line in pink decor.

Charity shops, cake, cemetery, curry – my life is filled with happy C’s.


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