Shell Town, Strap City, Commerce


I found this interesting article/list in my morning RSS sweep of the local area, and in turn the gangsinlondon site. I’ve don’t really consider that I’m surrounded by this sort of thing (for example, I’ve never seen Ross Kemp exposéeing anything in Noel Park, which is usually a sure sign), but apparently I am. According to the website, I’m in ‘The Avenues’ jurisdiction of the Wood Green MOB (Money over, well, female hounds), but I’ve got no idea what this means, if anything, for me. I’ve known battles to go on in the area – when at my previous address I was just up the road from the sight of a significant gun battle on Lordship Lane. But I don’t really know how it applies to me life, if indeed it does.

I just find it a bit fascinating, that’s all. I don’t have any idea of the mentality that leads someone into a life like that, or why some people from these deeply deprived areas will end up in gangs, and some won’t. My house is pretty nice; it’s on a quiet street, plenty of elderly and family (good signs, I’m led to believe); but just up the road there are some proper deprived areas. The whole of Tottenham and Edmonton could be dismissed as crime-ridden and poor, although that would be an injustice. I just found out that Edmonton is aka Shanktown for its levels of knife crime – I already knew (or at least, the rumour mill told me) that they bus in from there for the Winchmore Hill massive. But I’d live in Tottenham, certainly; probably not Edmonton, but only because it’s a reall ugly and depressing place, not the crime.

I don’t know. There’s no real point in this post, I’m just saying. It’s a weird world – there’s so many levels of culture and types of people. Good luck keeping track on them all.


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