I’m an entertainer

This time yesterday I was still slightly squirming at the awkwardness of having a huge colleague-based barney raging about my ears. As it turns out, fears of continued eggshell-esque walking were unfounded and actually working situations may have miraculously increased in productivity (something I imagine near unheard-of in education administration).

It caused me to ponder, however. There is the possible possiblity of possible advancement (it really is that tenuous) at work, and the question inevitably came to me – could I manage people?

Well could I? The fate of the administrator is not akin to the footballer. I do not have the option to move into either management, coaching, or a vanity role in the FA. The role of progression in an institution such as mine is – quite inconsistenly with the upside-downedess of the management structure in place above me – very linear indeed. You leave the grunt work behind and you go into management at junior levels. One’s life is based on acronymic, scaled pay grades and the occasional sideways step into what is, pretty much, the same thing you’re doing now in a different office.

And while the vast majority of my colleagues in the field started by temping and couldn’t get out, few I know of move to different industries – the perks of this life are just enough to warrant staying. But it does limit one somewhat: it means that if I wanted to move on in the world (and I definitely will) then I have to go into some form of management.


It means I become David Brent, or at least Dwight Shrute. Meerkat-like neck and aviators aside, I would be as junior as junior management gets. It kind of sticks in the throat somewhat; not that I’m some sort of Crass-loving antiestablishmentarian, but I never pictured this out of life.

I think I’d be ok though, you know? I’m currently in a somewhat micromanaged environment, which ain’t great for self-esteem. I tend to think I’d be a bit looser, a bit more free with my responsibilities. I’m not really up for the whole boss-as-mate thing either: I get on with my work colleagues, but I’m not really after a night in the pub with them. So: we’ll see. I’ll report back to the, ooh, at least one who’s a little interested.


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