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Lately, in town.

Also new: I finally got around to visiting Fashionable Wood Green’s newest attraction, a gin-u-wine nice, independent bookshop. In Wood Green! Pretty exciting. And it’s great, which is a relief. The Big Green Bookshop is, well, not exactly big, and it’s a bit green, but it’s definitely a bookshop, and a good one at that. It has the following things which rate it highly in my book:

  • a coffee machine
  • A goodly selection of literature (interestingly classics and poetry and everything mixed in with fiction, which is unusual…)
  • An ace ‘multicultural’ section – it gives the shop a real local feel in general
  • Recommended read cards, handwritten
  • Book of the month/reading group-esque promotions
  • Paper bags with an actual inkstamp on (this I like)
  • Finally, my lovely new collection of Dostoevsky short stories which I may well tackle after I’ve broken my head getting through Foucault’s Pendulum.

These all make a nice addition to Wood Green, and makes me all the happier to be living in this part of town. You may look down on us, but now we have a bookshop and two (count ’em) cinemas! It beats huge swathes of South London, that’s for certain.


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