For lovers, and dreamers, and me

Google do a webpages kind of deal for free. How come everybody doesn’t do things for free? This is easy though basic, straightforward, and the price is right. It’s not really suitable for what I want it for, but as a template to other businesses – please note how Google literally gives everything away and is still the big name in net technology. Free is good.

I still need a webhosting/design package though – my knowledge extends very little past a Google level of knowledge, which isn’t very much at all. There’s a whole world of acronyms out there that ave no relation to my life. I feel I’m missing out.

There was a dancing man on the tube last night. This is a step up from the distinctly smely hobo on taking up an entire carriage on the R line in New York. No, the dancing man got on the tube, barked something about how great peace, love and unity were, then started to tap dance. He wasn’t good. He wasn’t bad, but he wasn’t that good. There was no asking for money though, and that’s almost unheard of. Even the crazies that catch the tube ask for money for doing wacky things.

The best underground buskers/artists/crazies I’ve seen were, I think, in Boston. One man was an exceptional acoustic guitarist, so he got a couple of dollars. My favourite was a typical American bum – an older gentleman, fingerless mitts, balding pate, woolly hat, the works – and he was singing, a capella, just singing. Showtunes, oldies-but-goodies from the great American songbook. My favourite was the evergreen Rainbow Connection. Bless ‘im.


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  1. Love your post – it rox

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