He put my stuff in Jell-O again!

So the boss that went away for a long time is back, and news is: he’s resigning, and the boss in between me and he is also going. Essentially, this means that my colleague and I will be manning the big summer dealie by ourselves. We have at least 5 minutes experience in the area. At least. It all means lots of gossiping from mid-floor staff and upstairs and downstairs types, that don’t communicate, and it’s easy to see the groupings emerging.

World Of Academia: the rankings

1) Office monkeys – admin grades such as myself

2) Middle management, friends with the lackeys – less the Brents of scorn, more the local-boys-made-good: managers who still want to be buddies with the workforce.

3) Middle management, head in the stars – still middle managers, but resenting it and assuming a position of much higher authority.

4) Directors – bloodthirsty, paranoid types, as far as I can see.

5) Outsiders – in this case, high-ranking academics that meddle, meddle some more, cause more work for the monkeys, and take home a whopping cheque.

Disgruntled of N22


One Response

  1. me likes the rankings. i think i currently fit in category 1 as well. here’s hoping for category 5, tho!

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