Welcome to Bah-ston

Today I went to Cambridge, MA. Heck yes. I love that I have to specify places with two extra letters now. On Saturday I’ll be going to NYC, NY. Acronym City!

 Actually, it was pretty nice. Sort of like Oxford or, indeed, Cambridge UK, the Mass. version is riddled through with world-beating university. In this case, Harvard. While it is therefore, like most American stuff, a knock off of something older, it’s still a great little town with some cute shops and particularly some excellent bookshops. My favourite purchase was this:

You may well snigger, but to me, this is blinking great stuff. I’m such a nerd sometimes. I guess yer lass at Going Underground would understand, if noone else.

I also discovered the Peet’s Coffee chain. This is a step up from the frighteningly ubiquitous Starbucks, in that it actually serves nice coffee. The tea leaves a little to be desired but the java is strong, dark and tasty. They also seem to care about the coffee, which is an unusual step-up from the corporation-centred, lifestyle-domineering latter. Star, bucks, money runs the universe, man. It’s still not a patch on the delights of Old Compton Street’s Old Algerian Coffee Store or the staggeringly wonderful Monmouth coffee company, but it’s not bad. It makes a change from seeing that green logo on every block: there’s no competition here at the same level as Costa or Nero in the UK, which is a shame – especially as Nero’s coffee, particularly, is considerably better than ‘bucks’.

But seriously Americans, learn how to make a cup of tea. Even at Peet’s, Newton Center, it was a bitter, unpleasant experience. Tea should be strong and bold, an unsubtle, powerful brew. It shouldn’t be frou-frou – if you want the option to choose from over 30 different varieties, then you should also offer simple, builders strength tea in a polystyrene cup, not a paper one. It’s just math, people!


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  1. Thanks for the recommend. I’m getting tired of the big green logo meself 🙂

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