nom nom nom

It’s the final of Masterchef tonight. That’s pretty exciting. I don’t why but I’m captivated by Greg Wallace’s shiny head and John Torode’s kooky accent, and the food they think up is dead impressive. How on earth does one get that level of knowledge by age 18 as per one contestant? Freakish. Charming though the fat Irishman is, I kind of want the young’un to win, just because that level of innovation is intimidatingly impressive.

I love to cook, me. Last night I stir-fried up some chicken with coriander, ginger and lime, and very nice it were too. The other night, chicken and lemon tagine, and so on. But while I can knock up a decent home-cooked dinner for two, I’ve got nothing on the skill and artistry of these fancy types. That’s why I loved Maze, that’s why I respect Ramsey, hurray for food!


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