As A Mint, Today

WANTSIt’s amazing how impotent leaving one’s wallet at home renders one. I realised at the Darwin Gate of Noel Park, but decided against going back to get it. This causes issues in the following way:

  • I think I’ll just about have enough credit on my Oyster to get me home (although I’ll be collecting a cheque for £1100 to TFL for an annual travelcard soon…).
  • I have scant loose change – barely enough for a reduced price Guardian to accompany my lunch break.
  • I cannot go up to Stanford’s now to purchase
    • a travel-themed office mug
    • a guidebook for my US trip
  • I have to rely solely on my packed lunch to nourish me (actually, probably a good thing in belly terms, although in tastebud terms it’s Mexican week on campus :-()
  • I cannot book the following, which I need to do asap:
    • car hire in Boston
    • hotel in Boston
    • Amtrak ticket, NY Penn to Philadelphia 30th St.
    • travel insurance
  • I cannot go via Sainsbury’s on the way home, forcing me to shop local. Good for food miles and probably the soon-to-be-recovered wallet, but not so good in choice of what to cook. I reckon I can manage some sort of tagine arrangement though, I’ve defrosted some chicken.

And so on. On the other hand, long time since last blog = news update. I now have a spanking new M&S suitcase to take with me, which is potentially either too huge or sufficiently capacious – I’ll wait and see. I also now have a significantly upgraded room, featuring spanking new Ikea curtains and shelf, and a reorganised and just plain better living arrangement. It’s lurvely. There’s also a redone living room and front garden, with real live flowers and everything. I can’t wait to own a home, it’s going to be mental.

Also, details are finalised for T. to move back in to the soon-to-be-vacated, recently-subject-of-much-irritation spare room. Convenience or what. It’ll be dead nic, for both parties (I hope). More playing with my (non-euphemistic) drill? I can but hope!


2 Responses

  1. one is one’s credit card

    it’s your password to the world

    “never leave home without it”

  2. Sigh. I fear that this is the truth, and it’s depressing.

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