Glasses come free on the NHS

I can has a week off now? I can!

It’s a beauitful feeling, knowing that I’m just a few short hours from an entire eleven-day stretch without work. Then it’s back for a week and off to ‘merica. I have loads planned – lazing around, sleeping, lying in, chilling out, relaxing, and a good dose of slobbing around.

Also: maybe day trips! that’s pretty exciting. I’m thinking Cambridge (in this country, not Massachussets – yet), and also St John for a fine-dining experience. Aside from this, the world, as they say, is our lobster. Maybe some schlepping about this London town would be nice.

Tomorrow I have an eye-test. It’s been two years since I’ve had to wear glasses for pretty much everything, and I’ve taken to it like a fish to water off a duck’s back. I wonder what style I’ll go for next. Maybe the Kim Jong Il:

Or the John:

Or the Everage:

Or my personal favourite, Nick Robinson:


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