Just some updates:

Celebrities (ish)

Why, That’s Delightful!
Graham Lineham of Father Ted, Black Books, etc. fame – noted writer of drunk of Irishmen. His blog is where I saw the great pictures of the Anonymous scientology protest
Anonymous scientology protest, London

Lynne Featherstone: the Commons’ 5th sexiest MP.

Me And My Big Mouth: Scott Pack of The Friday Project (the indie publishing company, not the hideous Justin Lee Collins vehicle. When I say hideous, am I referring to the show? Or to Justin Lee Collins? You decide). COUTTH‘s (great acronym! I never noticed) first book blog link, I think.


Sky First Then Shoes: as the author states: “every day the sky, with some writing on.”

Achewood is one of the Interweb greats in terms of comics. I am very disappointed that Ray Smuckles never made it as president.

Dinosaur Comics – it is what it is.

Hark! A Vagrant. Home of the infamous Tesla strip.

That’s it!


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