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Royston Vasey-On-Sea

Apparently, the addition of internets at home does not equal more time blogging. A good thing, I’m sure of it.

I had a good weekend, though, thanks for asking. The sun came out over London Town – in fact, in some parts, the heat was a little too much. I call foul: they’ve been wanting to tear down the Stables for ages, and replace it with a mall. If this event leads to that, it’s a black day for humanity. Camden Lock is one of the few places you can genuinely go and wander around, unimpeded by chain stores and brands, rapt with curiosity at the voluminous tat yet still loving it. It’d be a sad day if this happened.

While this happened, I found myself in the literal back of beyond. If you’ve ever been to Sheerness, then no doubt you’ll understand: it’s Royston Vasey-on-sea, a bleak outlook of a backend town, filled with… well, what is it filled with? Going somewhere with no knowledge only gets one so far, as I discovered: I ended up sat outside a huge Tesco, looking over the Thames estuary to Shoeburyness, eating rotisserie chicken.

It’s a strange and unusual place, the Isle of Sheppey. A low country, with high sea walls preventing you from seeing if there’s anything worth stopping for. Vast industrial wastelands lie to one side; undulating bridges to another. You can just imagine willow the wisp floating about the eerie, marshy wastes of an evening.

The experience of the day was livened up by an hour or so in Rochester. A far more beautiful destination this: a quaint, cobbled street with leaning buildings, a looming castle, a beautiful cathedral. Delis, multitudinous bookshops, and the largest, most wonderful Oxfam I have ever been in. I exited with Mark Lanegan’s Field Songs; The Replacements’ Let It Be; and more.

I keep forgetting to bring my camera, which is stoopid, else I’d show you – but my words will have to do for now.


2 Responses

  1. […] A catch-up tonight on this week’s music – specifically Mark Lanegan and Strategy. In addition, Le Moz’s classic Everyday Is Like Sunday, the 12″ 45′ of which has been on constant repeat today. NB: that’s Everyday, not Every Day – it’s a significant difference. The song’s coastal references recall very accurate memories of just last week. […]

  2. […] Bona Drag is directly proportional to the once-impossible desire to actually return to the likes of Sheerness-on-sea. Who could have imagined such a […]

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